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Review: Let's create! Pottery HD (iOS)

Have you dreamed of becoming a master of the pottery arts? Did you watch Ghost and picture all the sex you'd embrace working in pottery? If you said no to both questions, then boy, do I have the game for you! Let's create! Pottery HD is a game all about making and designing vases, bowls, and, well, pottery in general. If this immediately sounds unappealing, welcome to my world. Shockingly enough, after playing the game for a decent amount of time, I find myself enjoying every second of it. If you give Pottery HD the time of day, it may just surprise you too.

Shaping a piece of clay is done by swiping in whatever direction to raise the clay, lower the clay, and so on. It's relatively simple and does a decent job, I suspect, of mimicking how one actually shapes clay. Once the fundamental shape/design is finished, firing begins and locks in the pottery's shape. At this point, all that's left is the addition of color, designs, and ornaments in order to add a bit more style and variety. When the pottery process is completely finished, it's time to take a picture and send the (potentially) beautiful piece to the auction house. The auction process is far from elaborate, but there's something unquestionably enjoyable about watching something you created raise higher and higher in price, or sell for pocket change in some cases.

What do you do with all the money you make selling your work? Well, there is a store full of alternate colors and materials, new designs, and different ornaments for decoration. This may all sound boring, but I had fun and that's all that really matters. There is a bit of a gamey aspect where faux e-mails will show up in the menu, asking for specific designs. These requests are rated on a ten-star scale and award money with success. It's nothing special, but adds a way of bringing in a bit of challenge, as well as a way of teaching basic designs.

I really enjoyed the Pottery HD despite an absolute lack of any interest in pottery. There are achievements, leaderboards, and what seems to be a solid community, so there's plenty of reason to keep at it. It would be nice to see a more involved tutorial and I was a bit confused at points, but I eventually figured out that I was simply an idiot and it became, quoting a horrible quote, all good. If you can stomach the idea of playing with pottery, there is a free version that will show you everything you need to know, so have at it and maybe, just maybe, you'll get addicted too.

Let's create! Pottery HD (iOS Universal - $4.99)

Let's create! Pottery HD Lite (iOS Universal - Free)

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