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Review: Marvel Pinball (Multi)

I am an admitted fan of pinball in whatever form readily available, so Marvel Pinball should be right up my alley. With that said, and a voice that mischievously alludes to disappointment, I absolutely love Marvel Pinball. It isn't perfect -- Iron Man says something inappropriate to a young lady other than "hi." -- but you get plenty of bang for your buck and the tables really utilize their video game format.

If you played any Pinball FX tables previously, you already know exactly how the Marvel tables feel, and now you are beginning to wonder why they're so special. Yes, the license is part of the fun and a Marvel fan will find more enjoyment than a Bizarro Marvel fan, a.k.a., a DC fan. Putting the license aside, the tables are simply designed in a way that could only work in a video game, creating unique tables full of memorable moments and elevated action -- a horrible attempt at a joke.

I won't go too far into table specifics as I don't want to spoil the experience, but I will deliver a few quick points. My personal favorite was the Blade table, as it featured a fun night to day transition and a moment reminiscent of the opening scene from the first film. The Spider-Man table has some nice action, specifically from the Green Goblin. Wolverine's table is somewhat of a disappointment, but I really loved the possibility of regenerating an otherwise dead ball if certain requirements are met. The odd one out is Iron Man, which is a horribly uninspired table. But, I am fine with three really good tables and one okay table.

I love Pinball FX 2 and Marvel Pinball is a great addition to an already amazing pinball platform. Four fully functional tables for 800MS points ($10) is a great deal and not to be missed by any fan of pinball, regardless of comic allegiance. Best of all, ZEN Studios has access to the entire Marvel Universe IP, which means this is only the beginning.  Please note that I played Marvel Pinball on XBLA, which exists as an add-on to Pinball FX 2. On PS3, Marvel Pinball is a standalone product.


Reader Comments (1)

Marvel Pinball combines two things that I've been a huge fan of since childhood. I'm predisposed to lovin it. :-)

Blade is by far my personal favorite Marvel Pinball table, too. However, in my mind, Wolverine a slightly better table than Spider-Man. And, like you, I find that Iron Man is my least favorite of the set.

I'm really looking forward to seeing upcoming Marvel table(s) that Zen Studios have planned.
March 4, 2011 | Registered Commenterincphi

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