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Spring board game sale over at CoolStuffInc

I have mentioned CoolStuffInc here and there for a very specific reason; they're great and, if you don't have a local game shop you like (and/or want to save a bit of coin), I can't think of a better place to do all your board game shopping than CoolStuffInc; their prices are often, but not always, better than even Amazon's (and they have a great rewards program). Anyway, I'm not here to talk about CoolStuffInc in generalities, but to let y'all know about their Spring board game sale--which stated a few days ago and is still going strong; though, some games have already sold out--because there are some great deals to be found and, well, I just really like the site.

So, before I just link you to their sale, I'd like to throw out a few recommendations based on what I've heard and seen (I haven't played any of these unless otherwise noted). The first recommendation is going to be as obvious as the come, but Lewis & Clark has been receiving almost universal praise lately and, while I can't comment on the game, I can say, with authority, that the art, both on the cards and board, is absolutely beautiful. That said, Lewis & Clark is supposed to be a great deck-building/worker placement game and, what I love most of all is, it can be played alone if that's your thing--I'm a huge fan of any game with a soloable option.

Now that I got the obvious choice out of the way, I want to recommend two more games and then I'll shut and let y'all browse by yourself. Speaking of doing things by yourself, Asgard's Chosen is another game with a soloable option and, while the game components looks terrible, the game--which involves building up armies in order to appease various gods--sounds like fun and Norse mythology is not a very common theme in board games, so, if the theme interests you, Asgard's Chosen is worth checking out.

Last but not least, there's a little game called Dragon's Rage. Like Asgards's Chosen, but nowhere near as bad, I'm not a fan of the game's components--the board looks nice enough, but having little square tokens to represent the dragons, monsters, armies, etc, is a bit disappointing, especially when the game is, even on sale fairly expensive. Component issues aside, Dragon's Rage looks like a fun and simple(ish) war game where one person defends their city as the other player attacks them with monsters and a few powerful dragons; though, I'm now trying to picture what a game called Dragon's Calm would be like...

P.S. I don't know when the sale ends and, if board games aren't your thing but you enjoy Magic: The Gathering (or other CCGs), or maybe you're looking for supplies--like deck boxes--they're part of the sale too.

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