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Steam Daily Deal (03/02/12): Vampire: TM - Bloodlines

Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines is often described as a game fans of the original Deus Ex will love. Now, I do love Deus Ex and own Bloodlines, but I have yet to play Bloodlines for even one second so everything I've said up to this point is worthless and just me repeating a bunch of crap I've heard. That said, I have heard great things about Bloodlines and it's been on sale for 75% off a few times in the recent past if my memory is correct; though, if you've missed past sales and feel like playing Deus Ex meets Twilight, go play something else because I'm pretty sure the vampires of Bloodlines don't sparkle. (At least I hope they don't.)

Vampire: TM - Bloodlines ($19.99 ---> $4.99 / sale ends at 12PM CST on 03/03/2012)

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