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Steam Holiday Sale: 12/31/12

The Steam Holiday Sale is ending 2012 with a bit of a whimper. That's not to say the games on sale are bad--I really love Deus Ex: Human Revolution and Alan Wake--but they have all been on sale numerous times before for the same price. Grumble, grumble, grumble, my complaints should be humbled. Before I shut my dumb mouth, let me recommend the Fable games--Fable III had some faults, but it was still fun and I don't know how anyone can dislike a game where two white people can create a little black baby (my wife was a dirty, cheating, whore!); Fable II had great combat and some great quests; and Fable was just fun to dick around in at the time.

Anyway, below are today's daily deals and current 'Flash Sales' I recommend.

Today's Deals

Current Flash Sales (That I recommend)

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