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The Pixelated Sausage Podcast #116: Game Club #1, Part 0 - A Boy and His Blob (Wii)

In today's episode, the first episode of the first Game Club for the first game--A Boy and His Blob--is finally here, but first, quench your thirst. I go into detail about what I love, hate, and hope for as we all move further into the game, finishing World 2 by next Thursday. Also, if you stick around through the entire show, a very special guest makes an appearance--someone I may start up a new show with (and can't hear their own stupid cell phone)--so be sure to listen to the whole episode if you don't want to be left in the dark. And, If you want to be extra cool, you should seriously check out Frontburnr, register, and join our lovely little party. Anyway, if you're feeling extra generous, donate a little money or subscribe to show your support for the site and show(s), it's not free to host the site, the show; to make and record videos, and everything in between. You can also support the site by shopping at Amazon. Thanks regardless and have a lovely day.

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The Pixelated Sausage Podcast #116: Game Club #1, Part 0 - A Boy and His Blob (Wii)

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