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The Walking Dead: Episode 1 free on iOS for a limited time

For a limited time, you can snag The Walking Dead: The Game for free on iOS! What you get for free is the entire first episode, and if you want to play the rest, you can buy every other episode for $4.99 a piece, or a multi-pack--including all four additional episodes--for only $14.99, cutting the cost by 25%. I am currently playing episode four--catching up as I often do--and cannot think of another game where my choices feel as weighty as they do; and, good or bad, I'm willing to accept every choice without considering a restart. There is obviously an overarching story I have no control over, but the little things are enough to make me feel like this is my story and mine alone. Anyway, grab the game before it returns to its regular $4.99 price tag and watch as Telltale tells quite the tale. (I couldn't help it...that was just too easy.)

The Walking Dead: The Game (iOS Universal)

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