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Torchlight is free on right now for 48 hours

Torchlight is a fantastic action-RPG in the same vein as Diablo and Titan Quest and, if you never played it, you can pick it up for free right now at for the next 48 hours, until Thursday, June 20, at 12:59PM GMT. In case you're wondering, Torchlight runs on both Windows and Mac and, since it's from GOG, it's DRM-free as well. And if you're thinking, "Why would I want Torchlight when the second one is available?" The answer is simple: it's still a fantastic game and, you know, it's free! Anyway, go pick up the game right now before you forget it's on sale and miss this ridiculous deal. One thing of note: Torchlight is single-player only, so, if you want a co-op action-RPG, pick up Torchlight II; it's cheap and packed full of content.

Torchlight []

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