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Toy Soldiers Now Available on PC

The fantastic Toy Soldiers is now, after calling XBLA  home for over two years, available on PC for all you unlucky people who don't own an Xbox 360. It's a bit sad to see only the original and not the sequel—Toy Soldiers: Cold War improves upon the original in practically every way—but something is better than nothing and right now you can grab the game for 25% off on Steam. (The game is worth the price whether on sale or not; hell, it used to be $15 on XBLA.)

If you don't know anything about Toy Soldiers, it's basically a tower defense game where you can control individual towers—which you'll want to do because you'll always be more productive—level-specific vehicles like tanks and biplanes, or just sit back and watch as your army is decimated. The old school, toy soldier theme is charming and well-utilized and brought back memories of the days when I was a wee little boy playing with actual toy soldiers.

There's plenty of content and a good amount of adjustable challenge in the single-player, but I haven't played the PC port and it appears to be stripped of all forms of multiplayer—which is very disappointing if true. That said, the game is still a lot of fun sans all multiplayer components and  I'd recommend it to any fan of tower defense games. I really wish there was a demo because nothing could sell the game better than the game itself.

Toy Soldiers (Steam)

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