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Xbox LIVE 'Countdown to 2014,' 12/26 sale: NBA 2K14

The daily deal as part of Xbox LIVE's 'Countdown to 2014' sale had to get boring eventually and today is that day since all that is included is NBA 2K14 [for Xbox 360] and a bunch of jewelry DLC for 33% off--which doesn't feel like a high enough percentage. Now, maybe you're excited by today's deal--and that is fine--but knowing the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 versions of NBA 2K14 exist makes the last-gen versions a much harder sell; however, if you only have an Xbox 360 and love basketball, any discount is welcome and NBA 2K14 is still a great game, if a bit uglier, on Xbox 360 (and PlayStation 3). Anyway, links and all that jazz can be found below.

NBA 2K14 [Games on Demand] - ($59.99 ---> $40.19)

And remember, this sale is open to all members, not just Gold members, so if you're rocking a Silver (Free) account, you can still get snatch up a few (or many) of these lovely deals.

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