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Xbox LIVE 'Countdown to 2014' sale, week 2, open to all members

Week 2 of the 'Countdown to 2014' sale is now live and, well, it is a pretty damn good week and puts the first week to shame. First and foremost, if you haven't picked up the first episode of The Wolf Among Us, you can now get it for free!--which is something you don't hear too often on Xbox LIVE. After you get yourself some big, bad wolf without spending a penny or blowing down any banks, you'll be left with quite the array of arcade and retail games to choose from--including some discounted ninja turtles and a very cheap scholarship for all you bullies out there. If you can't afford everything and want some help deciding, I would recommend picking up Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons, Charlie Murder, and Bully: Scholarship Edition, all of which are steals for under $5. And if you're tantalized by Orc Attack: Flatulent Rebellion, don't be, it is terrible and runs like crap.

These deals are good from now until December 30th--a great way to spend your Christmas money. Also, the daily deals will continue in addition to the deals below, so keep coming back every day for those.

The Wolf Among Us, Episode 1: Faith [XBLA] - ($4.99 ---> Free)

Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons [XBLA] - ($14.99 ---> $4.94)

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows [XBLA] - ($14.99 ---> $7.49)

DuckTales: Remastered [XBLA] - ($14.99 ---> $7.49)

Charlie Murder [XBLA] - ($9.99 ---> $3.29)

Foul Play [XBLA] - ($14.99 ---> $7.49)

Flashback [XBLA] - ($9.99 ---> $3.29)

Orc Attack: Flatulent Rebellion [XBLA] - ($9.99 ---> $4.99)

Counter-Strike: GO [XBLA] - ($14.99 ---> $4.94)

Gotham City Impostors [XBLA] - ($14.99 ---> $3.74)

Deadlight [XBLA] - ($14.99 ---> $3.74)

I Am Alive [XBLA] - ($14.99 ---> $3.74)

Frogger [XBLA] - ($4.99 ---> $2.49)

Grand Theft Auto V [Games on Demand] - ($59.99 ---> $40.19)

Diablo III [Games on Demand] - ($59.99 ---> $40.19)

Madden NFL 25 [Games on Demand] - ($59.99 ---> $29.99)

NCAA Football 14 [Games on Demand] - ($59.99 ---> $14.99)

Hitman: Absolution [Games on Demand] - ($19.99 ---> $7.99)

SSX [Games on Demand] - ($19.99 ---> $4.99)

Bully Scholarship Edition [Games on Demand] - ($14.99 ---> $3.74)

Midnight Club: Los Angeles [Games on Demand] - ($14.99 ---> $3.74)

Civilization Revolution [Games on Demand] - ($29.99 ---> $7.49)

Mini Ninjas [Games on Demand] - ($19.99 ---> $4.99)

Fight Night Champion [Games on Demand] - ($19.99 ---> $4.99)

Turbo: Super Stunt Squad [Games on Demand] - ($29.99 ---> $14.99)

Kane and Lynch: Dead Men [Games on Demand] - ($19.99 ---> $4.99)

And remember, this sale is open to all members, not just Gold members, so if you're rocking a Silver (Free) account, you can still get snatch up a few (or many) of these lovely deals.

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