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Xbox LIVE 'Deal of the Week' for 03/12 - 03/18/13

This week’s Xbox LIVE 'Deal of the Week' is all about boring you, me, and everyone we know with a sale full of items that have already been on sale numerous times before, but that should come as no surprise. This week's deal is all about Grand Theft Auto IV, discounting both DLC packs and the 'Games on Demand' version of GTAIV as well. Both DLC packs have been discounted at their current sale price before and I doubt anyone is still looking to pick either of them up by now, but the 'Games on Demand' version of GTAIV is at its lowest price ever, so if you just hate putting that disc inside your system when you feel like running some hookers over, now is as good a time as any to buy yourself a digital copy of GTAIV. Other than that, there's nothing to see here.

To get the games and whatnot, go straight to the Xbox LIVE 'Deal of the Week' page by clicking THIS, or enjoy individual links below. Enjoy them or else! Or else I'll send more empty threats.

Grand Theft Auto IV [Games on Demand] - ($19.99 ---> $9.99)

And remember, the Xbox LIVE 'Deal of the Week' is only open to Gold members (Family Pack is Gold in case confusion exists), so if you're rocking a Silver (Free), you're shit out of luck.

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