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Xbox LIVE 'Deal of the Week' for 05/01 - 05/07/12

This week's Xbox LIVE 'Deal of the Week' is not too shabby, including a few random XBLA games and some Battlefield 3 DLC. The "Return to Karkand" DLC for Battlefield 3 won't interest anyone who bought the game at launch and received the Limited Edition—the DLC was included—but anyone who waited to join the battle can get the pack right now for 50% off. (Yes, I did say "join the battle." I'm sorry) In addition to the single piece of DLC, three XBLA games are 50% off as well and have barely anything in common.

To get the games and whatnot, go straight to the Xbox LIVE 'Deal of the Week' page by clicking THIS, or enjoy individual links below. Enjoy them or else! Or else I'll send more empty threats.

Virtual-On: Oratorio Tangram [XBLA] - (1200 MS points ---> 600 MS Points)

Guwange [XBLA] - (800 MS points ---> 400 MS Points)

Nin2-Jump [XBLA] - (400 MS points ---> 200 MS Points)

Battlefield 3 - "Back to Karkand" [DLC] - (800 MS points ---> 400 MS Points)

And remember, the Xbox LIVE 'Deal of the Week' is only open to Gold members (Family Pack is Gold in case confusion exists), so if you're rocking a Silver (Free), you're shit out of luck.

Reader Comments (2)

Pretty decent deals I guess.
May 5, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterGram
Dang I had no idea Karkand went on sale...I'll have to check here more often.
May 11, 2012 | Registered CommenterStephen Zaleski

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