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Xbox LIVE 'Deal of the Week' for 12/11 - 12/17/12

This week’s Xbox LIVE 'Deal of the Week' is about the how dicks and tater tots affect the lives of men on ships...wait, no, it's about dictatorships in the awesome simulation-strategy game, Tropico 4 . It may not be as good on consoles as it is on the PC, but it's still a solid port and if you're interested or already own the game, now you can get a good chunk of the DLC for half off. And if you wondering what's on sale that isn't included in the recently released "Gold Edition," the answer is, almost everything--the only piece of DLC included in the "Gold Edition" is the "Modern Times" expansion--so get it on these deals regardless of which copy you own.

To get the games and whatnot, go straight to the Xbox LIVE 'Deal of the Week' page by clicking THIS, or enjoy individual links below. Enjoy them or else! Or else I'll send more empty threats.

Tropico 4 [GoD] - ($29.99 MS points ---> $19.99 MS Points)


And remember, the Xbox LIVE 'Deal of the Week' is only open to Gold members (Family Pack is Gold in case confusion exists), so if you're rocking a Silver (Free), you're shit out of luck.

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