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PR Redux #3: Sitting on Baby Monsters or Something Like That

On this episode of PR Redux, recapping this week's worth of The Pixelated Sausage Podcast, Marc talks about Monster Hunter: World, tackling their massive video game backlog, and School Babysitters (Gakuen Babysitters), in addition to their usual nonsense before and after the show, including a discussion about the good and bad that came from returning to a handful of anime they dropped over the last few years and change. And with that said, cheers and enjoy the show. | | 312.772.5874 |


  • Monster Hunter: World [PSP #426] (14:11 - 25:04)
  • The Mighty Backlog [PSP #427] (25:06 - 41:04)
  • School Babysitters (Gakuen Babysitters) [PSP #428] (41:07 - 48:24)

PR Redux #3: Sitting on Baby Monsters or Something Like That