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PR Redux #4: Monster Hunter: World, The Backlog, and Anime

On today's episode of PR Redux, recapping this week's worth of The Pixelated Sausage Podcast, Marc talks about Monster Hunter: World again, having now reached the endgame (aka, the beginning), chooses the first game to tackle from their towering backlog, and ends with a shipload of anime, including Killing Bites, where the one with the sharpest fangs wins and the one with the bare breasts loses 'cause that's what Killing Bites is. And with that said but not what she said, cheers and enjoy the show. | | 312.772.5874 |


  • When Monster Hunter Ends, It Really Just Begins [PSP #429] (04:27 - 19:20)
  • Let's Attack the Backlog [PSP #430] (19:22 - 24:13)
  • A Shipload of Anime [PSP #431] (24:15 - 57:02)

PR Redux #4: Monster Hunter: World, The Backlog, and Anime