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PR Redux #5: Hunting the PS4 with a Backlog

On today's episode of PR Redux, recapping this week's worth of The Pixelated Sausage Podcast, Marc talks about Monster Hunter: World again (again), why they decided to postpone their backlog attack, and how they ended up playing their PS4 for the first time in ages (and other nonsense too). And with that said but not what she said, cheers and enjoy the show. | | 312.772.5874 |


  • More Hunting and Playing That Foozball [PSP #432] (07:24 - 27:24)
  • What the Hell is Going On? [PSP #433] (27:26 - 37:46)
  • Hey PS4, It's Been a While [PSP #434] (37:49 - 57:01)

PR Redux #5: Hunting the PS4 with a Backlog