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Robert Wood (Hendersonman) | Podcast Extraordinaire

Originally created/co-hosted the video show Phil-N-Rob'd Games, all about video games--Phil's rage makes Rob look like Kirby (game joke, like, oh my god). After that he started the Distributed Failure podcast with Kush, Brukarou, and Phil (Screenwriterman), which added and lost members along the way, but always had Rob behind it. After well over a hundred episodes of Distributed Failure and almost three years, he reunited with Kush to start up the Pixelated Radio podcast, the podcast you all listen to now if you know what's good for ya.

But there's more to Rob than just shouting into a microphone. "I am a gamer since the olden days of Atari when I was about 5 years old. I have almost never been without a controller in my hands since."

Email: rob[at] (he doesn't know it exists)

  • The Twitter: @hendersonman
  • XBL Gamertag: Hendersonman
  • PSN User ID: Hendersonman
  • Steam ID: hendersonman
  • Wii Friend Code: 3109 1463 0073 1314
  • 3DS Friend Code: 0860 - 3238 - 5145
  • Game Center: Hendersonman
  • Pixelated Radio Voicemail: +1312.772.5874