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Shawn Swope | Pixelated Paranormal Co-host

Often described as a, "creatively-fueled, high-octane thrill ride, recommended for external use only," Shawn is brand spanking new to the Pixelated Sausage community and is one of the co-hosts of the Pixelated Paranormal podcast. After experiencing many strange encounters as a little fella, he has since always had a fascination with all things "paranormal"--aliens, ghosts, Bigfoot, and all other things that go "bump" in the night. Keeping an open-yet-skeptical mind, Shawn continues to delve deep into most things spoooooky.

When he's not chasing after yetis and little green men, he's often found drawing and designing things and stuff, or playing video games. He also enjoys jumping through fire, swimming through ice water, and pushing Cory and Preston over 10ft walls, all while getting mud lodged in places that it shouldn't be lodged, and, in some cases, where mud hasn't been before. Scary.

Also, He will always argue that Mega Man X is the greatest SNES game of all time and that Spider-Man could beat Wolverine in a street fight.

Also, also, Shawn is not Marc.