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The Pixelated Paranormal Podcast: Episode 2

This week on Pixelated Paranormal, the group discusses time travel stories, the strange world of tulpas and thought forms, alien encounters during the 1930's, and black-eyed children. Also, Shawn and Rob share their "Gnome Encounters." I don't gnome about you, but color me intrigued. | Email: | Voicemail: 707.520.4263 |


  • "Time Travel “Evidence” Discovered In 1995 Boxing Footage" [Link]
  • "Security Footage Surfaces - The Paris 'Paranormal' Crash" [Link]
  • "What Is a Tulpa?" [Link]
  • "The Philip experiment - Creating a ghost" [Link]
  • "Daily 2 Cents: The 'Little Grey People' -- 'It Landed on the Interstate' ..." [Link]
  • "Witness Report: 'I Let the Black Eyed Children Into My Home, and Now...'" [Link]
  • "16 Terrifying Encounters With 'The Black Eyed Kids'" [Link]
  • "The Slender Man" [Link]
  • "‘Slender Man’ Internet Meme Inspires Two 12-Year-Olds To Attempt Murder" [Link]
  • "The Inhumanoids" [Link]

The Pixelated Paranormal Podcast: Episode 2