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The Pixelated Paranormal Podcast: Episode 3

This week on Pixelated Paranormal, the group delves into stories of the strange, like giant bird attacks, the giant legends and myths, monkey stuff, and one man's story of working with an alien at area 51. | Email: | Voicemail: 707.520.4263 |


  • "Humans Working Along Side Aliens In AREA 51, Chilling Stories And Stolen Footage!!" [Link]
  • "King Tut's dagger was 'made from a meteorite'" [Link]
  • "Bioquark Inc." [Link]
  • "Head Transplants" [Link]
  • "Stalin's half-man, half-ape super-warriors" [Link]
  • "Oliver (chimpanzee)" [Link]
  • "Si-Te-Cah" [Link]
  • "History of Henderson County, Kentucky: Comprising History of..." [Link]

P.S. If you are not local to the Evansville, Indiana area and would like to help out our friend Preston with his Leukemia costs, you can donate here as well:

The Pixelated Paranormal Podcast: Episode 3