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The Pixelated Paranormal Podcast: Episode 4

This week the guys delve into the world of sleep paralysis and what might really be going on when it happens and also go over news of the strange like mummified aliens in Russia, is Megan Fox the harbinger of the truth, and the strange case of Grannybal Lecter.


  • "Megan Fox tackles string theory, the truth behind the pyramids and..." [Link]
  • "‘Mummified Alien’ Discovered In Russia Proves Extraterrestrial Life..." [Link]
  • "Hikers discover Ancient stone carvings of strange beings and..." [Link]
  • "Ghostly woman in black reported by terrified Scottish shoppers" [Link]
  • "Sleep paralysis" [Link]
  • "The "Old Hag" Syndrome" [Link]

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The Pixelated Paranormal Podcast: Episode 4