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The Xbox LIVE Indie Game coverage is making its triumphant return. Your support is greatly appreciated. If you are an indie game developer and would like me to cover/review your game; you can send  press releases/tokens to XBLIG[at] I will review your game as soon as possible and give my honest opinion, which is all I can truly offer. I appreciate everyone who has helped me with this cause in the past and I hope my small contribution has been able to help get at least some awareness for Xbox LIVE Indie Games, and continues to do so from this point on. Cheers.

All inquiries: XBLIG[at]

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Streets of Fury - "I found Fury to be enjoyable on all levels and the production values are quite high for an indie title; the music is great, the graphics are great, and the controls are great. Fury is a wonderful title that rests as one of the few indie games that everyone should own."


Dark - "Dark is one of the best XBL Indies I’ve played and it shouldn’t go unnoticed; it’s the kind of game you’ll want to show your non-gaming friends. There’s no reason to waste your time downloading the trial, download the full version and thank me when it’s over. Dark is an absolute steal at 80MS points and I can only hope that the XBL Indie marketplace gets more games like this in the future."


Fishing Girl - "Fishing Girl is a beautiful game, both artistically and from a simple design standpoint. This is the type of game that reminds me of how wonderful an independent game can be. It’s a steal at the price of a dollar and a game that no one should pass up. Don’t do me any favors, do yourself a favor and pick this game up right now."