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Pixelated Sausage [dot] com is a site dedicated to art, anime, video games, movies, television, comics, manga, books, and all things "artsy/geeky." And when it comes to reviews, whether they're written, audio, or video, we here at Pixelated Sausage treat games/anime/whatever as we would normally; this means if we don't like something, we won't keep playing it or watching it until we reach the very end due to of some sense of obligation (and we will always make sure this is known in our reviews) because all time is valuable, ours and yours, and if something can't grab our attention and keep it from the start, why should we (or anyone) slog through hours of bad to reach a potential good in the end?

If you're feeling extra generous and would like to support your local sausage of pixelation, you can become a patron, donate a little something-something, or subscribe to show your support for the site, podcast(s), and all the ridiculous jazz we make over here at Pixelated Sausage. And don't forget, you can also support the site by shopping at Amazon if that's your jam--you can probably buy jam on Amazon too. Anyway, cheers and thanks for stopping by.