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Kickstarter Picks for the Week of April 14, 2014

What is this post all about? Well, it should pretty straightforward, but, if there's any confusion, this is where I'll be talking about a handful of Kickstarter projects each week, focusing on a few projects that launched during said week and a few that are about to end. Will I be focusing only on projects in need of funding? No. I will simply be focusing on projects that interest me, regardless of whether they've only raised $5 or raised ten times that of their original goal. Anyway, I think it's about time I got to the actual projects, eh. (P.S., this feature will be posted on Mondays starting next week and will likely always be board game heavy.)

  • Recently Launched

Stratagem, an Abstract Strategy Board Game

Stratagem is, as the title says, an abstract strategy game and it looks like a game that both casual and hardcore gamers can enjoy; though, its perceived simplicity will definitely turn off those gamers who scoff at games that don't take an hour to setup and hours and hours to play--we all know at least one. Anyway, from what I've seen so far, Strategem looks like a good amount of accessible fun and I'm a big fan of the clean, simple design; also, Strategem was designed to be accessible for a handful of disabilities--color blindness, low vision, and short-term memory loss--and the team is open to helping the game be even more accessible and you can't not love that.

More Kickstarter picks can be seen with a little bit of clickage.

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The potential and probable style of the potential upcoming webcomic

As you may have noticed, this is all potentially a thing and not at all a sure thing--y'all can listen to the latest Pixelated Sausage podcast for more details (skip to the end)--but, if the webcomic--which will be a weekly comic called, potentially, "Over Construction"--becomes a thing, it will most likely look like this:

Check out the above image in color with a little bit of know you want to do it!

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Xbox LIVE 'Games with Gold' free game for 04/16 - 04/30/14: Deadlight

The newest free game as part of Xbox LIVE's 'Games with Gold' promotion, Deadlight, puts a cap on what may be the best pair of monthly freebies yet--I think the first free game, Hitman: Absolution, is the best game given away to date. Now, I haven't played Deadlight, but I know the game was met with mixed reviews; however, I don't think anyone hated the game and, if nothing else, it is a relatively new release [when compared to previous free games], and y'all know how rare those are. Anyway, links and all that jazz can be found below.

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PSP #167: Game Club #4, Part 3 - Binary Domain (+ Game of Thrones)

In today's episode, the third and final part of the Binary Domain Game Club, I talk about the final two chapters, leaving y'all with my feelings about the game, overall, and what will, most likely, be the next Game Club game. After that, I talk a bit about season 4 of Game of Thrones, going into spoilers; though, I give ample warning before saying a word. Anyway, if you want to be extra cool, you should seriously check out Frontburnr, register, and join our lovely little party. And, if you're feeling extra generous, donate a little money or subscribe to show your support for the site and show(s), it's not free to host the site, the show; to make and record videos, and everything in between. Cheers.

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Xbox LIVE 'Deal of the Week' for 04/15 - 04/21/14

This week's Xbox LIVE 'Deals with Gold' is all about Batman, so, if you're into stories where a child's parents are murdered in front of his young, impressionable eyes, setting said child down a path of full of many soar throats and chaffing, this week's deals are for you!. Bad jokes aside, all the games on sale are great and, if you somehow still haven't played either Batman game--Asylum and City--buy both because they are a steal for only $5 each. (Gotham City Imposters is also a really fun multiplayer shooter with a good sense of humor that, if you forgot about it like so many others, is also worth picking up.)

To get the Xbox 360 games on sale and whatnot, go straight to the Xbox LIVE 'Deals with Gold' page by clicking THIS, or enjoy individual links below. Enjoy them or else! Or else I'll send more empty threats.

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