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Marc Kusnierz (PXSausage) | Founder/Editor-in-chief

Marc Kusnierz is the creator and Editor-in-Chief of this here little site of Sausage (that actually has nothing to do with sausage), as well as a working artist, creating piece of nonsense--which can be found here. They were an original cast member and creator of the podcast Distributed Failure for over two years, recording over 100 episodes of pure failure with co-hosts, Rob, Bru, and Gus (and others along the way). After that, they eventually re-teamed with my former co-host, Robert Wood (Hendersonman), and created the podcast, Pixelated Radio, which is all about games and still going strong to this day. In addition to Pixelated Radio, Marc also records a solo podcast--The Pixelated Sausage Podcast--every Wednesday, where they talk about games, anime, and general nonsense! P.S. This isn't important, but Marc really, really loves oatmeat. Like, really a lot.

Email: marc[at]pixelatedsausage[dot]com


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