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Marc Kusnierz (Kush)

My name is Marc Kusnierz, but y'all can call me Kush if you want--a nickname based off the pronunciation of my last name, not a reference to that which you call marijuana (never smoked anything)--the creator and "Editor-in-Chief" of this here little site of Sausage (that actually has nothing to do with sausage). I was an original cast member/creator of the podcast Distributed Failure for over two years and 100+ episodes, but I quit [4/1/2010] due to a personality clash. After that, I eventually re-teamed with my former co-host, Robert Wood (Hendersonman), and created the podcast, Pixelated Radio. Now, Pixelated Radio is still going strong and I have a solo cast I record Mon-Thur every week called--buckle up for the most original name ever--The Pixelated Sausage Podcast! And, when I'm not messing around with sausage, I work as the Community Director over at the lovely website, FRONTBURNR[dot]net.

I am a gamer, an artist, a writer, an editor a musician, and a student [for not much longer]. I am also Dyslexic (hurray). As far as games go, I love most things from Rockstar Games and I'm totally "gay" for anything GTA, but I also have much love for many other games--like Fairway Solitaire(!). Side note: I didn't mean to rhyme 'gay' and 'GTA'; I am just so naturally awesome that it happened all by itself.

Other favorites of mine would be: the Metal Gear series (minus MGS4), the Deus Ex series, Knights of the Old Republic (what Star Wars should always be like), The Elder Scrolls series, BioShock, Enslaved: Odyssey to the West, Shadow of the Colossus... the list could go on forever. What I want from this site is just the chance to contribute what I can to the video game industry--and all industries with just a smidgen of artistic ideals--no matter how small it may be. I love this industry and simply want to be a part of it in any way I can while being myself at the same time. If there is only one piece of advice you ever remember, make sure it is this: "Though the cake may be a lie, the sausage most definitely is not!"

Email: marc[at]


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