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Episode 28: Atrocious

Episode 28 is now here, a week late due to technical douchery! We discuss Soul Calibur IV, the new Burnout Paradise bike pack, Duke Nukem 3D, Infinite Undiscovery, Star Wars: TFU, and much more...A little mention of Pushing Daises, Chuck and Heroes. Some Gamestop hate and the usual shenanigans.

...and Rob loves the word atrocious, a little too much...

Episode 28: Atrocious



Burnout Paradise: Bikes Pack DLC Review

Bikes are fun to drive, but not much fun to crash...

It's nighttime and we've got motorcycles prowling down the street. Sounds so very cool (doesn't it), but I find myself rather disappointed with the new Bikes DLC for Burnout Paradise. I feel that "disappointed" may be too strong of a word since the pack is 100% free, but at the same time I don't find the game any more enjoyable with the added content.

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A New Identity

I am no longer Kush3 on XBL. I am now the one, the only, the CannoliCrasher! It took many hours and a lot of discussion between myself and a second party, but eventually I found a name that worked for me (and wasn't taken). So if any readers out there that I don't know want to add me, just go ahead and do it.

And to those owners of "Captain Cannoli" and "ColonelCannoli" ...I hate you.

...look to your left and give your opinion on the poll. Which Oct. 21st release are you most looking forward to?



Duke Nukem 3D > Duke Nukem Forever

The upcoming XBLA release of Duke Nukem 3D is almost upon us (Sep. 24th) and honestly, I can't wait. I loved playing the game back in the day and getting to play co-op/vs. over XBL will just be fantastic. I must say that playing co-op with a bunch of 13 year old, hormonal boys might not work out so well. When they hit the strip club they may just sit there for hours, even though the breasts aren't made of that many pixels.

"Come Get Some" ...some Cannoli? Yes plesea! :)



Sausage + Cannoli = Art!?

Why yes, yes it in fact does. I have just given birth to a new site that will be dedicated to my...more artistic side. This site will be known as Cannoli Chronicles...and you can find out more by just going to the site yourself.

Don't think, just do it.