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Podcast - DF #52: Go Buy Valkyria Chronicles

This week's show sees the return of a full cast, leaving us with a crew that's not quite sure what to do (I'm apparently on a rhyming fixation right now). We have a "biggum" for you this week as we managed to fail for just over an hour and a half and we don't even remember recording half of it! All you need to know is this: Those of you who fight through until the end will get quite the reward!

In this week's "What You've Been Playing", we discuss games such as Valkyria Chronicles, FLOCK!, Puzzle Quest: Galactrix, Star Ocean: The Last Hope, Age of Booty, Silent Hill: Origins, Rune Factory: A Fantasy Harvest Moon, and much more! We follow that up with a little gaming news, focusing on Will Wright's departure from EA and Amazon's new venture into the business of selling XBLA game codes...for the exact ammount (OMG)! We then answer our "Question of the Week" and discuss our thoughts on video game marketing and some of our favorite video game commercials. We end on quite the tangent about movies and probably could have kept talking for even longer, but Rob was not about to miss Lost just to bullshit for another 30 minutes.

Hopefully you guys enjoy the show and don't forget to come back next week for even more failure from the guys who fail better than anyone else. Sausage, out!



Craplog Delay: You'll Have to Wait

You know me, I can't stop myself from rhyming when given the opportunity, much like Gus Yoo and his love for da pee pee! I Just wanted to give everyone a heads up that Craplog will likely not make it's scheduled debut this week due to my nitpicky ass. It's taking a bit longer right now just because I am trying to make sure it is...well...what I want it to be. This inaugural episode is also featuring discussion on the idea behind the show and what to expect in the future, among other items of interest. There is also the possibility that Craplog will change from a standalone show, to a segment of a grander, "epicererer" podcast.

Anyway, if the show does in fact miss its release this week, you can expect to see it next week and I guarantee it! Just know that Craplog may become part of what I'll currently just call "The Pixelated Sausagecast" and if this were to happen, it would consist of at least three different segments, those being:

  • Craplog: A segment where I go back in time (maybe even only a few months) to play and discuss those amazingly horrible games in ways that will make your ears bleed! ie. Tomb Raider: The Angel of Darkness
  • XNA Sausage of the Week/Month: A segment where I highlight one XNA Community game that is actually an awesome game and well worth your measly few bucks. I may also add in an "XNA Craplog" portion that essentially does the same thing for an amazingly awful XNA game.
  • The Sausage Dump: This will be a segment dedicated to any discussion not relating to video games in anyway, such as film, music, comics, or fresh Sicilian-baked goods!

...This is all a work in progress, but keep in mind that no matter what happens, this show will still only come out either once a month, or possibly once every two weeks if you're lucky. I know that no one out there is interested in any of this except for moi right here, but hopefully this show will be something unique and different enough to warrant your time.


P.S. I've also been flirting with the idea of upgrading the site and moving away from Blogger, but the money I would be spending and the people who would actually care doesn't quite equal I think I'm just going to stick it out with Blogger indefinitely. Expect more posting and more rumblings very soon!



Podcast - DF #51: Dishwashing Henry Hatsworth

We had some technical problems with this specific episode so we just want to apologize up front for the low levels on my audio (Kush); sorry about all that poppycock, jibber-jabber. Anyway, this week's episode is shorter than usual and features only Rob and myself...Gus is too busy playing Magic! to make this week's epic failure of a show.

We start out the show like any other show with "What We've Been Playing", which should probably be changed to "What We've Been Playing Besides Resident Evil 5 This Week", but I digress. We talk about Blue Dragon (I hate you Rob!), Henry Hatsworth in the Puzzling Adventure, The Dishwasher: Dead Samurai, and much more.

We follow that up with a little gaming news including the recent PS2 price drop, which is the greatest bit of gaming news in the history of gaming news! Besides all that nonsense, we talk about a mother's sudden interest in DS gaming and then end the show with some info on my upcoming new podcast: Pixelated Sausage presents, The Craplog. I'll force you to listen to this podcast in order to hear about the new one, but expect episode #1 to go live sometime late next week!




The Nintendo 64: Better Late Than Never

I may be a tad bit late to the party, but as of 3/29/09 I am now the proud owner of a Nintendo 64. I never owned an N64 and only ever played Goldeneye for countless hours at Toys R Us kiosks back in the day (I miss the old TRU days of purchasing a game by grabbing a ticket slip and heading off to some "gated" area as if I were purchasing crack).

My real reason for posting my "exciting" news is to ask you guy a question: What Nintendo 64 games should I pick up? I only own one game, Ocarina of Time, which I've actually owned for a few years, but I'm looking to find some hidden gems for the system as well. I honestly don't know much about the N64 and can't really think of any games that may be worth playing besides the stereotypical Mario/Nintendo games and yes, I already know Clay Fighter 63 1/3 is a must-buy...

I'm quite excited to try out some games that I missed, but I'm not as "orgasmic" over the whole thing as this young fella.



Podcast - DF #50: Fear 2 Cry eHarmony

We recently hit the one-year mark a few weeks back and now we've hit episode numero "fiddy"! Is it odd that I suddenly have a desire to play 50 Cent: Blood on the Sand? This week we start out with "What We've Been Playing" as always and discuss Far Cry 2 and magic wrenches, FEAR 2: Project Origin, Peggle (on XBLA), Pokemon Platinum, and much more! Gus also shows his age with a little tale on how not to enjoy a special pre-order demo.

We follow up all that "jazz" with some gaming news, such as Rob's "pants-jizzing" over Nintendo's new Zelda announcement, as well as the numerous Final Fantasy announcements. We also mention the announcement of Max Payne 3 and whether or not I should grow back my pedo-beard in honor of Max's new look. We end the show with a special announcement about the future of our podcast and hopefully we'll be able to distribute our failure to a much wider audience in the coming weeks!

This week's Sausage Dump is dedicated to Rob and all the "luck" he's had with eHarmony. Check out the show to see if he's found true love, or if he's just looking for a good F*** ...wait, what!?

eHarmony: Finding you true love for only $40 a month*! ...
*eHarmony's definition of true love: "Could mean eventual marriage, but masturbation counts as well...go bust a nut!" - eHarmony President, Founder, CEO, & #1 Client