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Episode 18: Legal to Bone

Episode 18 of Distributed Failure is now up and I must say it is quite the show. It is quite epically not epic in the fashion that epic things are epic. It's not so good, you see. Really? Yes. We talk about Soul Calibur IV, God of War 3, a possible X360 price cut and a possible CG Metal Gear Solid movie. We may talk about more stuff, but I honestly don't remember. So you can take the jump and just be prepared with a parachute...

here it is,
Episode 18: Legal to Bone



Red Faction: Guerilla

I was a huge fan of the original Red Faction and it is actually one of my favorite console FPS games of all time. A "sequel" came out, but it was absolutely horrible and a complete disaster. This new game seems to be going back to where the first game left off, continuing the story and hopefully bringing the series back to it's original glory. I don't have much to say right now because my mind has been wandering quite a if there are voices in my head. The voices do sound quite similar to a few people I know(Rob, Kado, Bru...). I wonder what that could mean...



The Simpsons + Quake III = This

This is nothing but pure awesomeness. I don't play Quake III, but I have downloaded this map just in case the day ever comes that feel like picking up that game.



Sonic Unleashed...In Your Pants!

A new video for Sonic Unleashed has recently been posted and it has kept my hopes high for the game. The video has shown a lot of "behind the back" gameplay and it surprisingly looks like it could work. The game looks to be heavily on rails, which is a good thing. The game looks fast, yet accessible and I cannot wait to get my hands on it. Here's to hoping that we can finally get a great Sonic game once again, but history isn't on Sega's side.



GTAIV Get's Whacked, I Meant Patched

A patch for both the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions of Grand Theft Auto IV has been released today and it fixes a few minor problems. These fixes mainly pertain to the online component of GTAIV and fix issues such as: improving PS3 leaderboads, changing the lobby countdown timer, among other fixes/changes.

The list can be found here.