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DF #40: Resistance 2 + SOCOM = We Suck

This week's show is our final "real" show of 2008. We discuss our love for Persona 4 once again(the game is awesome). Rob and Gus reminisce about their brief experience with Resistance 2 and how much they both suck at SOCOM: Confrontation. Much love is shown for the possible GOTY--Dash of Destruction. After all is said and done, we discuss our first "favorite" games and make fun of Rob for being the anti-PC gamer.

While there won't be a regular show on Christmas, we will have a special Xmas show from the past! If you have a great Christmas story you want to share with Distributed Failure just send an mp3 to and I'll be sure to add it to the show. Besides that, keeps your eyes open for a "Best of DF in 2008" special podcast around New Years!

DF #40: Resistance 2 + SOCOM = We Suck



Ode to David MacPhail

I'll just let the video do the talking...



DF #39: Persona 4 and Retroness

This week's show is finally here! We have a special "Hero of the Web" in David MacPhail, who rants about my little site here. We talk about Persona 4, SMT: Imagine, and continue talking about the awesomeness that is Peggle. Rob rants (with much vulgarity) about why he thinks the reviews for for Legendary are "bullshit". After all that crap, we end the show with a brief history on why we got into gaming. We really earned our explicit label once again, but what the it and love it!

DF #39: Persona 4 and Retroness



New DF Delayed Until Friday

The show has been delayed by one day due to Rob feeling "under the weather". Look for the show to be up by Friday night and expect to hear some Persona 4 discussion, my take on SMT: Imagine, and a bunch of other crap. As a tribute to GFW, I have my own "Hero of the Web" for this week's show (it's sure to suck in comparison). While you wait for this week's episode...maybe you should listen to our show from last week (which didn't get that many downloads). It features our regular shenanigans, as well as an interview with voice actor Richard Epcar(voiced The Joker/Raiden in MK vs DC). Linkage to last weekage of podcastage below.

DF #38: Richard Epcar Interview!



N+Sausage: The Complete Saga

The complete N+Sausage saga is here, featuring our favorite little ninja: Bob. The mini-series was short-lived and rarely loved, but thanks to everyone who gave it shot. :)