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Dark Room Sex Game...For the Wii

Seriously. No joke. This is a "real" game and I heard about it, but seeing it in action is just priceless. What more do you need from me, just watch the video. Don't think about it, just do it.




GFW Live Goes Cheap

How cheap you may ask? Real cheap, like free cheap. At GameFest 2008 today Microsoft announced that GFW Live, the PC version of XBL, will be completely free. The service used to be free only to those who had a XBL account, but now it's free for everyone. This change will affect all GFW-Live games: past, present and future.

Microsoft also announced plans to introduce a XBL Marketplace type system for GFW-Live as well. So it will feature the usual content like demos, trailers and DLC etc. You can expect to see those changes sometime in the Fall. I think this is a great idea, but it may be a useless change now. Steam has really gained a lot over GFW-Live and I don't know if there is any honest chance for the service anymore. Only time will tell, but right now they're headed in the right direction.

Linkage: GFW-LIVE Now Free



Giant Bomb Is...

ALIVE AND LAUNCHED. Go and check it out!

Love it.
Hold it.
Squeeze it.
Just friggin' go to it.




Giant Bomb Is About To Explode

For those of you who may not know...there is a new gaming site called Giant Bomb that was started up by Jeff Gerstmann, Ryan Davis and co. It was originally in a blog-like form while they were getting the "real" site ready. I noticed earlier today that the site was down and it wasn't hard to figure out why. I just recently checked back and now they officially have a "landing shortly" filler page.

I have been watching over the site since it's birth, it's little baby explosion. I'm hoping that things go well for the guys over there and I hope the community is better than what you find in other places (trolls can suck it!). Below is some linkage of explosive sausagely goodness.

Giant Bomb(

Giant Bomb Viddler(Videos duh)



Siren: Blood Curse(PS3) Preview

Siren: Blood Curse is a survival-horror game that will be coming exclusively to PSN (Japan will be getting a retail version as well). There was a Siren game for the PS2 and Blood Curse is a new and original story shown with the same style and design as the original.

The big selling point is that you take control of multiple characters and see the story unfold through multiple points of view. It’s a very interesting idea, but the demo didn’t elaborate, or show any of this particular aspect...probably because the demo was about 12 minutes long. The length of the demo may seem like meaningless information, but it's actually quite important. The fact that this game will only be downloadable(import!) worries me. The demo was very short, but it still came in at over 500MB. If the full game was about 6GB in size then it would not only take up a nice hunk of space, but also take a decent amount of time to download. The download speeds on PSN have not been that great and if that doesn’t change I can’t personally see myself downloading a file that big.

Before worrying about file sizes etc, it’s probably best to say whether it’s even worth the thought of download first. The game is very boring from what I played and the way episodes are set up is very strange. I am assuming that the episodes will be a grouping of missions like the two (missions) featured in the demo. The problem with this is that these missions take about 6 minutes to finish and you may get a few cut-scenes scattered in that short time period as well. It makes it very hard to get immersed into the game and it kept me from enjoying the experience. Besides that the game just isn’t much fun. It doesn’t do anything new and everything it does has been done better somewhere else.

All this game has going for it right now is the interesting storyline structure and the fact that it’s a “real” game that will be 100% downloadable on PSN. Having a story that is told through multiple points of view is an interesting idea, but that doesn’t matter if the story is garbage. The demo doesn’t give much away about the story, but if it’s a good story then this game may be worth a try. If the story is on par with the latest Indiana Jone movie...then I'd rather play Jumper again.