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More Sonic

Just some more footage from Sonic Unleashed. The more I see of this game, the more hopeful I get...come on Sega, I still believe in you.

...I will say this. I am getting quite sick of the music in all these trailers! Please, please give me something else.



Xbox 360 License Tranfers

The inability to play XBLA games DLC while offline has been a known issue for a while. Some people managed to get the problem resolved by calling support and waiting for a month for the fix. Now everyone can resolve this issue with relative ease. The steps are rather simple, but instead of listing them here, I'll just post a helpful video from Major Nelson, as well as a link to where you start the process.

*In case anyone is wondering if it really works. I tried it out myself and am happy to say that it worked and it was very easy to do!*


Far Cry 2 Gameplay Footage

I have barely spent anytime with a Far Cry game, but they always intrigues me and seemed interesting. Far Cry 2 has always sounded cool to me, but after watching this demo I am really hopeful for what this game can possibly become. Anyways, you should stop with the reading and start with the watching!



N+Sausage: Balls Are Everywhere

Episode 4 in the N+Sausage series. You get to learn some intimate details about your favorite crappy ninja and of course, you get to watch him F*** up over and over again!



Episode 18: Legal to Bone

Episode 18 of Distributed Failure is now up and I must say it is quite the show. It is quite epically not epic in the fashion that epic things are epic. It's not so good, you see. Really? Yes. We talk about Soul Calibur IV, God of War 3, a possible X360 price cut and a possible CG Metal Gear Solid movie. We may talk about more stuff, but I honestly don't remember. So you can take the jump and just be prepared with a parachute...

here it is,
Episode 18: Legal to Bone