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Killzone Pushed to 2009

Well it seems that Killzone 2 has been pushed back until 2009. I don't find this at all surprising, but I do find it a bit sad. I don't want to sound cruel, but this has been a hyped game for the visuals and has been in the works for a long time. My problem is that the sequel to Resistance (a launch title for the PS3), which is looking to be fantastic, will be coming out this Fall. Killzone 2 (a sequel to a PS2 game) will be coming out after Resistance 2 and I personally find that funny. It just makes you wonder why it is you're waiting for a specific game, a game that isn't even from a solid franchise.

It would be the equivalent of Just Cause 2 coming out before Mercenaries 2. Though that still could happen (who knows with Mercs 2), I highly doubt that the game will see any more delays. Another possible reason for this delay is because they don't want Killzone 2 and Resistance 2 competing against each other. Who knows, but Sony has been dishing out a lot of delays recently and I just hope this isn't going to be an even bigger trend.

"Killzone 2 Dated for 2009"


Left 4 Dead: F U Sony

Well it seems that Valve (at least right now) isn't interested in developing for the PS3. I find this a bit odd solely based on the fact that their games (their FPSs) are so obviously designed for a mouse and keyboard. Which console supports mouse and keyboard play?...That's right, the PS3 supports it, but Microsoft still support this. It is a bit ironic because all the games that can benefit from this set-up are dominantly on the 360 at the moment. Most RTS console games are for the 360 only and everyone knows that the 360 is a shooters systems so why not give us the option?...

I digress, the fact of the matter is that Left 4 Dead as of right now will not be coming to the PS3 anytime soon (possibly never) and that is quite the shame.

Valve: Left 4 Dead may come to PS3 eventually


The Bourne Conspiracy Impressions

I really thought that the Bourne Conspiracy would be a movie-licensed game worth trying, but from what I've played they need to do a lot of work before the June release. Pretty much every game mechanic ranges from "ok" to bad and I don't expect these fundamental aspects to change much for the official release.

Before I discuss what I didn't like, let me first say that the game doesn't look too bad graphically and the fighting system can be fun in small doses, but that's all the positive critique I'll give this game. Fighting seems to be a big part of the game and though it may be fun at times, there isn't really that much depth and soon it starts getting very repetitive. Sprinting is also big part of the game and actually feels a lot like the way The Club played (only worse). I am actually a huge fan of The Club, but that style of play isn't really suited here and doesn't even work that well. I find the shooting to be uncomfortable and just not enjoyable.

There are also a lot of quicktime events and I have never been a fan of that specific game mechanic. So I must believe that these developers have it in for me because there are quicktime events absolutely everywhere (fighting, running, driving!?). I can understand having such events in small doses at significant moments, but this game takes it to an extreme I can't say I have ever seen before in a game. They aren't even challenging, but just extremely annoying and add nothing to the game whatsoever. The last part of the demo featured a driving level, but it's obvious that these levels are their last priority. Basically these levels control like a driving level you would find in a 007 game (just worse).

I never thought that this game would be great, but I also never thought it would be this bad. I can't find any redeeming quality in this game and now it becomes nothing more than another movie-licensed game that I don't care about. At least I can appreciate a pre-release demo so that I didn't have to wait until June to find out this game blows. The Bourne title does suit this game though; I mean, this game was born to suck my sausage!


Updates Soon

I haven't posted much new content on here in a few days (due to a game called GTAIV) so expect some new content very soon! I am also in the planning stages of a second podcast called The Pixelated Sausagecast (how original, I know!). It will be a gaming podcast as well, but more focused on specific subject or news. I may just have an episode dedicated to a specific franchise etc. I don't know when, or how many I plan to do...but first I will be looking for a good site to host the show so I'll keep everyone updated on that.

Here are some things to look forward to in the coming week...

  • Half-Life 2 (360) Review
  • Half-Life 2: Episode 1 (360) Review
  • GTAIV (360/PS3) Review

...also a very personal editorial on an aspect of gaming I would like to see. It could draw discussion which would be very welcome, I just hope I don't get any punks who need a beatdown!


And here are some pics for your viewing pleasure :)


Sausage! YAY!

hmmmm...I think this may be a glitch



GTAIV says Anal Burns

Well if you are a listener of Distributed Failure (if not..WHY!?) then you should understand why it's funny. If not I think anything involving the word anal is funny just like this. Sorry for the poor quality, I don't exactly have the means to pull out a high quality screenshot.