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Hard Lines has been updated to the extreme

You are probably sick of hearing me talk and talk about Hard Lines, but I have more to say and I have no plans on stopping. That being said, I have a good reason for wasting your time today: Hard Lines has recently been updated with craziness that gives me my own "hard line." This update includes a transformation into a universal app—Extreme HD Mode unlocked with a $1.99 in-app purchase—and Game Center integration, along with other gameplay tweaks here and there.

I'm sure some people will complain about an in-app purchase for iPad extremeness, but those are probably the same people who complain about paying more than a dollar for an iOS game, or even paying at all. I, for one, am happy to support a game I love and a couple of guys who have put a lot of work into the best iOS game I've played. I'm sure the thought has crossed the occasional mind, but let me remind everyone that I do not work for Spilt Milk Studios; I just really, really love this game.

Along with the iPad update that should have everyone singing Blur's "The Universal," Game Center has now made sweet little babies with Hard Lines. Does Game Center do anything special? No, but it's Apple's official service and people irrationally prefer it, myself included. I can't explain it, but there is something lovely about seeing little Game Center notifications every now and again.

With all that said, I hope these updates equate to more sales than the U.S.A.'s current degree of debt, or even a fraction of a fraction of said debt. My time with the new additions and iPad-designed tweaks has filled me with a sense of glee and my love affair sees no end in sight, even if the lines stay hard for more than four hours. My final words are a challenge: I am currently ranked #1 on the Time Attack leaderboards and I would really love it if you kicked my ass down a peg or two. I actually love being on top, but then again, that's what she said. Bow chicka what now?

iTunes Link: Hard Lines (Universal), $0.99

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