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Help make Delver's Drop a reality

Back at PAX Prime 2012--which feels like forever ago--I saw a lot of games. One of my favorite games was Delver's Drop, an absolutely beautiful action-RPG with roguelike elements--something I love. I know "roguelike" may scare some off, but you shouldn't be scared if you're not the biggest roguelike fan because Delver's Drop is not so brutal in regards to what it takes away upon death. The game does feature permadeath, so once you're dead, you're dead; however, unlike other rougelikes, you will be able to recover some progress and items, and, best of all, you keep all abilities and experience points. It's a nice addition that makes the player feel like they're always making progress even if (when) they die.

Anyway, the real reason I'm writing about Delver's Drop right now is because Pixelscopic--the studio behind the game--just launched a Kickstarter campaign, hoping to raise $75,000 by Mar 12, 11:59pm CDT. I've played the game and met the guys behind it and can say both are equally great. If you have money to spare, I highly recommend backing Delver's Drop because the game deserves it and so does the team. Come on, just delve into your wallet and/or purse and drop a few bills and coins on Pixelscopic's table. (Sorry, I couldn't help myself.)

DELVER'S DROP by Pixelscopic — Kickstarter

P.S. Give Delver's Drop some Steam Greenlight love too.

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