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PAX Prime 2012: Day 1

It's the morning of PAX Prime: day two (who knew?...I did, I knew), so I thought I'd write up a little something about the happenings of day one, you know, just for fun.

First and foremost, PAX can be a little hard to navigate; yes, there are maps here and there, but there aren't enough visible signs. Surprising no one, there are a lot of people -- some bad cosplay, some decent cosplay -- and all the people turned my 3DS into the devil. I was looking forward to the abundance of StreetPasses, but I never thought about the actual time needed to manage them -- it is an absolute nightmare and takes forever. And speaking of the people, it wasn't as smelly as some led me to believe -- though, I've only made it through day one -- and I don't feel like I'm coming down with anything other than sore feet.

Specifics: I checked out a few panels; met some cool people; and got recognized a few times (weird). I spent most of the time checking out the main floor and tabletop area, getting familiar with the layout and building a mental map. The tabletop area was a bit overwhelming with how much was going on; how many different games were being played; and how I have no idea as to what most of the board games are. Anyway, I'll be checking out the indie megabooth a bit more today (day two); sitting in on a few more panels; and, finally, I'll be going through 3DS hell once again.

Oh yeah, I saw my podcasting buddy, Robert "Rose-colored Glasses" Wood, and watched him buy suckers that were far too expensive for my wallet; you know, one could call him the sucker.

I'm hilarious.

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