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Review: Baby Monkey (going backwards on a pig)

Baby Monkey (going backwards on a big) is a song first and a game second. That may be a tad excessive, but there is no question the song grabbed me before anything else. The song is from a popular YouTube video that escaped my eyes until I played this game—I'm not all up in your internets. the song was born in mind of Parry Gripp, who somehow managed to elude me all this time. It seems ridiculous to create a game inspired by a short, humorous video/song, but what's even more ridiculous is the fact Baby Monkey is a fun little game even if muted.

The actual game behind Baby Monkey is an endless runner-esque game where you control both pig and baby monkey, jumping to avoid obstacles while also jumping to collect bananas. The pig is capable of plowing through objects and incapable of plowing through earth or running over pits—I'd like to see you try and do it. The monkey who happens to be a baby will be knocked off if the pig makes any contact with an object and must jump to avoid this while also grabbing bananas at the same time. It may sound tedious having to control two characters at once, but it never got overwhelming or too difficult.

This game is utter nonsense of the best kind and what looks like a joke is actually a competent, fun game. I may not play the game as often as other titles, but not every title is capable of putting a smile on my face each and every time. If you know/already love the song, Baby Monkey is a fun game allowing you to ride shotgun with the little ol' monkey. If you're so sick of the song you can actually picture yourself killing baby monkeys—you're a monster—you may still enjoy this title with duct tape over its figurative mouth. Either way, Baby Monkey (going backwards on a pig) is cute, fun, and a great time-waster for a great price.

Baby Monkey (going backwards on a pig) (iPhone/iPod Touch -- $0.99)

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