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Strike Suit Infinity review: suit up for a fun, arcadey ride

When I first launched Strike Suit Infinity, I didn't know what I was in for--I worried the controls might be too complicated, among other things--but I was pleasantly surprised to find a space combat game with easy-to-learn controls and fast gameplay that dives headfirst into the action, instead waiting for layers upon layers of customization and strategy before the game even starts.

Strike Suit Infinity is a very simple game: you take control of a spaceship capable of transforming into a mech and battle against a variety of ships through a seemingly endless amount of waves and rounds. That's all there is to the game and likely the reason for the easy-to-digest price--you can pick up Infinity right now on Steam for $6.99--but the simplicity is a good thing, it made the game easy to jump into and I found myself wanting to start over and try again whenever I died because I wanted to beat my high score and the amount of setup needed is miniscule. And you will die a lot.

Well, maybe you won't die a lot, but I sure did, and it's a credit to the game that I never grew frustrated after watching my ship blow up over and over and over again. I took death as motivation to become better, last longer, and improve my overall ability--which I did with each successive playthrough. Unless you're already familiar with the franchise or the genre in general, I bet you'll go through the same predicament, but I found joy in watching my score improve over time, feeling a sense of accomplishment. Just make sure you look over the controls before diving in because the tutorials were a bit lacking when it came to teaching how to play successfully--Strike mode, essentially mech mode, is absolutely key in making it more than just a few rounds.

Like I said right from the start, I didn't know what the hell I was getting into when I first started playing Strike Suit Infinity, but the game grew on me really fast thanks to a degree of simplicity and accessibility that might turn some hardcore fans off, but made it easy for me to keep playing even though I failed miserably at first. The game does get a bit repetitive as there is only one mode of play--blow shit up or be blown up yourself for as long as possible--but it's cheap, fun, and looks good, so if you're at all interested in flight combat games--a love of space is not required for enjoyment--I would recommend giving Infinity a shot. It may not bring an infinity's worth of fun, but it's way more fun than this terrible punny attempt at a final sentence.

Strike Suit Infinity (Steam)


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